Paine, A. G., Cottage Grove and Oakwood Avenues, Chicago 568
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favourable posture of the limb to elicit the jerk is one insuring
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presystolic bruit ; the stenosis AA'as diagnosed ten years before death. In
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ing definite tracheal or bronchial obstruction, or implication of the vagus
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are for the most part sufficiently self-evident. Such a plug lies loosely or
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ticing fifty years ago or more, and by referring to
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The mode of death is nearly always by asphyxia in consequence of
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20 other cases there was a history of previous attacks, and in only 10
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tion thus far of the committee appointed at the Coop-
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both for the relief of pain and for the removal of exudation ; a mild
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many of the fibres of the posterior commissure. Kolliker denies the
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The great and usually the only danger from peripheral thrombosis
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an expert manipulator can not only determine the ac-
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the different susceptibility of the individuals infected. As the pyogen-
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view of this estimate, that they be the leading spirits
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satisfactory. Of six cases of inguinal hernia, incom-
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occurred at night in the violent ward of that institu-
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are partially paralysed, the patient (his eyes being closed) can usually
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Sometimes the pubic curve is so great that the lower
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part of the course of the thoracic duct or right lymphatic duct naturally
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ing the fatality of this pest of childhood. The re-
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sciatic, where it does arise, is generally easily traced to some definite
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made of all parts of the nervous system in cases where tetany has
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Health Acts of 1875: " Sanitary Science is mitigating
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palsy, and loss of conjugate movements to the same side, with or Avithout
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unexplained death. In the absence of a bacteriological examination,
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^ In the last edition (1898) of Professor Whitla's Pharmacy, Materia Medica, and
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or more of the ossicles, and that it also serves as
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Stevens, I). D., Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Pennsy'-
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a petechial eruption. The arteries were all rigid, tortuous, and atheromatous. The niicrophoto-
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poor laborer for curing a stricture, or to treat him at
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long time, in the prosecution of their studies; but if
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portions of the orbicularis palpebrarum (G). Giflbrd noted in some cases,
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Complications. — For an account of the visceral disorders and other
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been said that a number of vessels of the circle of Willis must be
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