concisely the relations of the physician to medical

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with the researches on the peculiar constitution of the latter. Some of

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and internal recti respectively, being associated in the upAvard move-

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in this case. It is, however, on the basis of such cases, carefully

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subsequent reports of occlusion of the abdominal aorta by embolism or

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of the second and much more serious category of angina in which vaso-

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fore a long loud grunt or a wheeze, without a proper initiatory explosion."

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obserA^ed with regard both to the lighter, or more purely neurotic, and the

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liberation of fibrin-ferment in the blood, and they call them, therefore,

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directly from the cells of the motor nucleus ; on the other from the

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discovered when the histology is reinvestigated by modern methods ; for

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when only four litres had been injected into a body affected with wide-

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suggests, this is probably due to the fact that for the production of an

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Tram. Med. -Chi. Soc. Edin. vol. x. p. 3. — 17. D. W. Moxtgojiery. Med. News,

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suffocation, and dies in a few seconds or minutes. Or, when there is

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A syphilitic nodular periarteritis has been described by Baumgarten,

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according to the seat of the arterial obstruction. Spasm of the arteries

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are thoroughly dissatisfied with the position to which

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S6quard. The section of the sciatic nerve, in fact,

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coincided with amenorrhoea. In one case a woman found her liability

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selves in the estimation of themselves and others as

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tracts ; in certain forms, simulating taljes, the initiation seems also

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cannot possiljly occur without serious complications of the various kinds

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and ulna [cide also art. " Neurotrophic Diseases of Bones and Joints,"

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the distal part swells rapidly, often increasing to three times its former

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based upon a more or less septic or infective osteitis. The misleading

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paraplegia, the knee-jerk does not disappear, but is usually exaggerated.

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It was reserved for the last half of the nineteenth

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causes it immediately to be relaxed in the limb in which the sensory roots

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needs of the pauper sick,— and there are multitudes

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by saying that this is not a treatise on diseases of

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a few minutes was that of fatal collapse, and such a

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to only a small extent. I have no doubt that mention or reports of

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noisy or " brassy " cough, with excn a very slight or moderate

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