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conclusions can be drawn. The only detailed report of a microscopical

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nervous system will be discussed in the next volume under Diseases of

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from Iowa; a roster of U. S. Examining surgeons for

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dilated vessels becomes increased in amount ; this is lymphangieetasis or

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importance to recognise the nature of the disease, the faradic and galvanic

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performed solely by the external and internal recti respectively ; Avhile

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detachment of fragments. Globular thrombi in the right heart, parti-

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and she could not affirm that she felt chilliness, but

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the temperature after each dose, more so than from in-

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fourths inches long, bent almost at a right angle, at a

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readily undergo viscous metamorphosis, and form plugs. In view of

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used. But iti some cases the headache assumes a curious paroxysmal

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consulted a physician of Boston with reference to the

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(before thrombosis has occurred) is a very important feature. The narrow-

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The Neuron. — The modern conception of the neuron is that of a

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by more or less continuous wasting of extensive mus-

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adduct the humorus, previously raised to the horizontal line, against

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Second. That while the clinical teachers of a college

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subjective phenomena coming under this category are the outcome

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instance, aortic aneurysm or fiingating endocarditis of several valves.

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arsenic, strychnine, corrosive sublimate or prussic

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Fio. 24.— Pliotoiuicroj;raph. Anterior tibial artery from a ileniented patient who suffered from senile

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syphilis. Likewise a large proportion of cases of aneurysm of the cerebral

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were cooled suddenly. In all cases interstitial inflam-

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to central disturbance. Two instances of this are particularly suggestive —

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standing ^^^thout support is quickly lost. When lying down the patient

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dans quelques maladies mentiles," Archives italiennes de b^iologie, 1894, p. 216. — 35.

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sometimes by motor defects, such as spasm or weakness of some of the

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The skin. — Urticaria (brought on by a chill) is mentioned byDr.Southey

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eerasement, in eight cases out of thirty, were, in his

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Parenchymatous degeneration. — The medullated tracts of the cord

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