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ness is very pronounced and extensive, but there are certain points relat-
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On the Chemistry of the Blood and otiicr Scieviific Papers. Arranged by Victor Horsley
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attempts had been made to deal with the haemorrhage locally ; the patient
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rysm is more true or more false than another ; although the yielding or
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stated, there must be some additional element, which, in many cases at
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yet it may be complained that little has been said of neuralgia or neuritis
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a rule, to forbid the use of coffee and tea as beverages
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before referred to, Dr. Macewen argues that the cure has really been
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belief as follows : " At present it appears to me impossible to suggest a
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attention to the influence of emboli in causing aneurysmal dilatation.
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which a particular movement is performed. Thus, if the lower limbs
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cardiac disturl)ance or dilatation may be produced, as in Dr. Rollpston's
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ity of instances the audiphone enabled the person to
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1015-1020, though it may slightly transgress these limits. It is alkaline
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may on the one hand pass into the roots of the nerve, or on the other
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tory sounds will probably exhibit a corresponding hollow quality, but
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tumours are nearly twice as often in the anterior as the posterior media-
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and boots. When brought in to the house complained of cold. The feet were blue and the
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tance of two inches, but no swelling of the tissues
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cancerous growths around this organ. It is affirmed that local oedema
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agent? Fortunately we have another, sulphuric ether,
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and to the blood-pressure. Without a certain height of pressure there
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Haemoptysis A\-as noticed in 20 cases ; in 8 of these pulmonary
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infiltration must be recognised in growths of this nature, thoutih they
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middle of the dorsum of the hand and foot ; successive digits become less blue ; ultimately
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same condition, but the emaciation aud the contrac-
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another in the same or the opposing jaw. This reference, in my experience,
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and it may be noted that simple dilatation of the lymph channels occurs
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erally associated with laceration, and when associated
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the first. These peculiar arrests appear to be affected neither by cold,
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printed at that time, and called attention to their
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sac ought to be momentarily retarded, even as compared with the arterial
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