ated and their muscles paralysed, but the so-called trochlearis nucleus

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Finally, after a careful diagnosis, the definite assurance to these

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portant fcactors, especially the former. Excesses " in Baccho et in Venere "

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localisation of the physical signs, and the difl'erenccs in the mechanical

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known to the profession that one almost feels called

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The conical shape, the haid consistence, the periphei-al situation, the

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finished speaking, however, when with an exclamation of pain he partially

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saries, if not dangerous, are generally inferior or

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of the eff"ect upon the jerk. The accessory stimuli used were cool

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oesophageal in origin, or an independent mediastinal growth causing pres-

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The general opinion of the Fi'ench Academy Avas unfavourable to it.

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Diagnosis: Reflex paralysis, due to genital irrita-

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give accurate answers with regard to the position of his legs in bed ; he

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our asylum system, but did not include special evils

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skill in diagnosis. The preceding investigation of the causes of aneurysms

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course of twenty-four hours, there is little or no prospect of recovery,

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little notice ; and it was not imtil further observations were reported by

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other valuable papers have appeared on the subject,

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spread, and erratically distributed. Caprice of localisation is indeed a

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angina pectoris), patients complain bitterly of shooting and darting pains

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of the high estimation in which the deceased gentleman

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second dorsal nerve, and to be conveyed in the cervical s-ympathetic, the

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ally or secondarily present, and in no way concerned in the causation of

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but, as JMackay has pointed out, it is very improbable that on careful

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account of the case, told the story of confirmed inva-

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Bert. klin. Woch. 1894.— 54. Klers. "Tubercle," Deutsche med. Woch. 1891. —

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bulging but on the left side of the upper lumbar ver-

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to the meeting of the Brit. Med. Assoc. Edin., will be found in tlie Glas. Med. Jour.,

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Polynuclear leucocytes, through chemiotactic influences, wander in from

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have occurred in women. In some there has been an alcoholic history,

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pilers and abstractors. While gynaecology is in this

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plastic substance itself, the assumption that the nerve cell can no longer

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