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years ago a remarkable case came under my observation, with all the

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example, Dejerine reported the following case : — A man, aged 41, a

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osmic acid. Moreover, Dr. Mott, in his estimate of the amount of

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thirty-three years, called at my office November 1,

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encephaloid, being of soft consistence ; but the characteristic growth in

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The best evidence that these mechanical conditions determine the

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The amount of action Avill depend partly upon the ease Avith which

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dense fibrin, in places hyaline. I do not, however, desire now to call

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tile movement Avhich the tr.-ichea, as well as all the adjacent structures in

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And so it is with many others. Druggists and apothe-

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receive any fresh arterial blood which can reach them. The existence

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ated with localising symptoms, such as hemiplegia or paralysis of the

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the individual colloid bodies require microscopic vision for their detection.

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pulmonary cusps, while the other valves were free. This was a case of

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spasm occur, but probably wherever involuntary muscles are found in the

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It is doubtful whether there is any relation between malaria and

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card is placed, and should be regarded, as the signal

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form of neuralgia are certain interesting reflex effects. Referred pain

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under the same conditions they are as liable to arterial degeneration as

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given movement, apart from alterations in their strength ; and although

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perience of cases of multiple neuritis from alcohol and other causes, I

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massage, electricity, and tonic treatment. In the acute stage massage

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certainly a privilege, for me to address you briefly

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acter of the voice or cough, stridor in inspiration, or any combination

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gitant venous flow into the capillaries. The distinction between axial

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the warmer weather came they diminished in frequency and severity.

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the site of operation to the trunk. Were you to wit-

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it makes a punctured wound several times larger than

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The arm cannot be abducted, and, as the anterior jiart of the

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All the varietes of mobile spasm seem to result fi-om a mixture, in

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Paralysis of the museulo-eutaneous nerve. — The musculo cutaneous

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