though it must not be supposed that in actual practice they are of

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upper lobe were originally bronchiectatic it was im-

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the descending portion of the arch, and in contact mostly with the left

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pathological. The solitary exception, if such there be, Avas that of the

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have been attributed to dyspepsia, including chiefly various pains,

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ture is of diagnostic value (Mahler, Wyder, Singer),^ but it is not always

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is exempt, even from early childhood — though very exceptionally —

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spinal or uterine troubles, but who remained at the

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(ii.) "With the posterior longitudinal bundles, which connect the third

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the artificial division of Owen, which placed man as

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of the scapula, to the epigastrium. Now, speaking broadly, it is quite

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All of these prescriptions are, as perhaps you know,

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slate coloured, and gangrene was well marked during the last week of life.

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change is within the nerve cell ; the dendrons suffer secondarily. Formerly,

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and practitioners to make any extensive description

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occurring as it does coincidently Avith the very period of life at Avhich

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or not these fungi alone are able to cause malarial

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assume a state of exhaustibility of the nerve-centers

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branches — posterior, lateral, and anterior — of the intercostal nerves ;

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the masses of platelets found in incipient thrombi come from leucocytes

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to be nearly a clear exception to this rule, that man

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iron, combined with extract of malt or maltine, to be

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with cerel)i'al cancer. It is impossible to lay down any definite rules for

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arteries ; especially is this noticeable in the emaciated, senile, or prema-

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Sloan, Wm. J., colonel and surgeon, Medical Director

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with aneurysms in every part of the arterial system, and especially in

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not speak audibly ; pulse small and flickering ; wa»

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gangrene, which had followed attacks of pain and local asphyxia. The

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Fortunately, the difficulty may be entirely overcome

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Bowlby, Willard, and others have collected statistics of primary

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existence of this bundle, originally pointed out by Leber, has since been

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ally causes an intense burning lasting a few moments.

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A bougie introduced through the penis will not pass

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pound of su'phate of zinc (white vitriol) is as silently

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thousand. In Glasgow, in a well-to-do section of the

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hiemorihage, cerebral softening, cardiac degenerations, or aneurysm; and

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