the druggists must go." Our medical periodicals —
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to cold, persons who are liable to Raynaud's disease should fortify them-
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neuritis, except of course in the case of mechanical interference, diflers from
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Prognosis.- — Most, but not all, cases of chylous and chyliform ascites
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tive this was attributable to tuberculosis, intermit-
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Fio. 23. — Photograph of a portion of X\o dpscendinji aorta and third part of the arch. At the upper
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several inches above the popliteal space. Most of the needles actually
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grave intestinal symptoms are present. In the majority of cases, severe
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have noticed cases in which muscuhir spasm, or motor paralysis, or
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A large number of experiments have been made to determine the
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seated between the shoulders, or pass from one point to the other. The
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of frequency be based only on infective emboli, the order would be in
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declares that chewing the twigs and swallowing sali-
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curvature at the place corresponding to the location
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individuals to spend their time in looking over manu-
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Pig^mentary deg'eneration. — Pigment is a normal constituent of the
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appeared along the margin of the incisions, and subsequently amputation
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widely, may be an indication of a similar condition in the mediastinal
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a bacteriological examination. Jiirgensen's cases of supposed entrance
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mistake to suppose that a pessary should give direct
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cannot be recoguised during life ; or its clinical phenomena are so inti-
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isfactory antidotal effects, and attributes the death of
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ascites has been explained as a local change. It may, however, be but
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Varieties of ophthalmoplegia. — L Curikal ophOLalmopJegla (so-
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such foreign bodies as threads, or bristles with rough surfaces, into the
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mainly of surgical interest, will not be considered here. The thromboses
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1. AcrxE vegetations ox the TRicrspiD VAL\*ES. — Fifty-four
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and gummata, and in partial aneurysm. These may be identical in ap-

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