be supplemented by small teaspoonful doses of salts

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not destroyed by the liver they are highly injurious.

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of the foetus may be often distinctly felt through the

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medulla oblongata or later in the cord below, then the bilateral increase

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exceptional cases the movements of lireathing are directly prevented or

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would be impossible, within the limits of the present article, to enumerate

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ordinarily rare complication or sequel of influenza. It is more common

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tumours or of the miliary type (Wilson Fox). According to the late Sir

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said that, whether the knee-jerk be a true reflex or not, a healthy

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A little urine will, however, often remain unless the

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arterial thrombi. White thrombi are, as a rule, microscopically mixed

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bodies, and even of irregular fragments of bone within the articular cavity.

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badly-njurished, weakly persons the first tap on the patellar tendon

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is easily managed by the patient, but it is nearly use-

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Atrophy. — Strictly speaking, atrophy is a quantitative and not a

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fulness of the veins in chlorosis does not svipport this suggestion.

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haemangiomata by a process of obliteration of their vascular connections

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and a half inches long, which had fibrinous cords cor-

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five women and no men ; Horsley, eleven men and eight women. My

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from Iowa; a roster of U. S. Examining surgeons for

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of muscles due to lesions in the spinal cord, are now considered to be

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of lymphatic vessels and to lymphangiomatous growth. Dilated lym-

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of clinical instruction to mixed classes of male and

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obstruction to the return flow from the hepatic veins. Chiari believes

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endured constant and agonizing pain, and the swell-

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are probably coincident with the disintegration of the infected thrombus ;

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no disease of the cerebral arteries was discovered ; and there was one case

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has followed the operation. Should the fluid become jjurulcnt or semi-

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from 35 to 26, and in the worst district from 44 to 33,

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of wasting or weakness is the intrinsic musculature of the hand. The

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