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faith also should not be placed upon irrigations of

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other hand, the circulation may be extremely feeble for days without

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although no direct evidence of this, as regards the ocular muscles, is yet

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flattening of the cornea, contraction of the pupils,

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In the next place, the medullated nerve-fibre has long been known to afford

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centres in the upper dorsal region rapidly involving the vagus through

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ever, was issued as a specimen two months in advance

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motor cranial nerves. Thus, the motor nuclei of the nerves may be affected

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with miliary tubercles, almost all of which contained

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defect in the nourishment of the skin and slight irri-

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nerve. Death is caused by paralysis of the respira-

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!Most observers are agreed that the taste fibres for the anterior part

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"Sur I'insuffisance des valvules de I'artere pulmonaire," Arch. gen. de rued. 1891,

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after which signs of improvement begin to shoAv themselves ; the pain

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far as we have examined tolerably accurate, and will

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fibres are reduced in size. All the fibres are not affected to the same

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var'ics very much, and in some cases atrophy so predominates that hyper-

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secure whatsoever advantage may accrue from its slower formation, the

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should magnify volitional impulses after it has ceased

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aorta in the lower animals, seems to go some way towards estaljlishing

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infiltration of urine by free evacuation of the con-

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to form any conclusion, but they go to show that the cases which come to

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aneurysm of the aorta. Taken in connection with the preceding data,

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certainly generates currents of a remarkable kind, passing sometimes in

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culation, thus enabling the real agent more readily to

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the exception of opium, and this only when sleep is prevented by

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would be necessary, while the rest of the foot could

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