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childi-en's diseases, dermatology, etc. The medical

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continued, terminates in death, either from the direct

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lungs. Similar sjjots existed on the convex surface

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Such, then, is the outline of the treatment adopted. :

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sentient association is interrupted by changing the position of

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by ophthalmia, stomatitis, or angina; erysipelas of

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the first intimation was given by the motions of the foetus in utero.

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neous re-integration of his force. It is by its action


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emerges ; the trunk of the nerve was, however, entire.

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Kendall, T. M., Esq., to be Honorary Assistant-Surgeon 5th Nor-

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no nursetender with her ; and on inquiry from her servant,

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as more little men and dogs are than big ; his feet

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intelligent assistants are requisite, — two to prevent the protrusion of

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ing those cases where injiu-y to tlie hand or wrist is

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passed with the urine during the following days, and

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remarked that the pi-inciple laid down by Mr. Steele

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eiuse; viz., how long a disease naturally takes to get

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nal agents they may have much value, and as luxiu'i-

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rent in the constitution of the College. And for such

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on the skin. It is the object of this paper to show

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he had no doubt the request would be granted ; that

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sudden death of his wife, and the case was forthwith

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to ascertain what description of disabilities ought to

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no longer suffered from those urgent, and, as I deemed

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vernment sent down to Livei-pool Dr. Buchanan, as a

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his horse ; still, to a man like Vaughan, to whom the

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the *' fi6vre des armes, oii fievre des prisons." Dr. Lom-

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when forceps with equal blades and long compressing

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has bestowed special study, and more than ten years

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learning all the horrible evils which await him in the

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1866 a prize of 20,000 /rancs for the best essay on the

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of Mount Christison to a lofty hill along the reaches

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names of certain trustees, but that the first examin-

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The following cases of hernia present some features

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members of the Indian medical service are so obtuse

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tell a true tale, trjang to steer clear of the fairy -like

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there were occasional slight efforts to vomit at inter-

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lay glistening in the sun, over the blue waters of the

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capillaries, and a suspension of nerve-cui-rent to and

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was that medical gentlemen should be paid as liber-

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frequent precursor of the first attack. However, in

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Sir, — I will not attempt to disguise my regret at

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