The method, on the ground of common sense, is liable
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Thrombosis of the coronary arteries is in the great majority of cases
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was not effected by the embolus itself, and extends on each side to the
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characterised by high fibrin-content of the blood, than of enteric fever
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various combinations. "The mode of extension of true cancer into the
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or Landry's paralysis, is very inconstant even when the symptoms during
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diet is, of course, a mixed one, i.e. animal and vegeta-
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from previous training as interne at the Jefferson asy-
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processes of the palmar fascia, which persisted between the paroxysms
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effect. In three successive cases of large aneurysms nearing the surface
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one case the aortic A-alves were involved, and, excluding the cases of
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the first year they were the only permanent officers.
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be a change of the whole vascular system, which he proposes to name
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expert dentists, favor the arsenical poison theory.
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be signs of chylous effusions into one or both pleurae, and oedema of
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not be characterised by any of those peculiarities al)ove described as due
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of dyspnoea and precordial distress lasting two or three minutes. I
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little seen in this country. In the few cases I have seen this pain pre-
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especially if such disturbance should continue for some time, or if the
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connection with the inner wall of the aneurysm. — The following remarks,
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venience to the patient. Bilateral paralysis implies loss of diaphragmatic
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produced a very little contraction of the pupils and
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while in angina pectoris it may even extend as low as the ninth dorsal,
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observation thej'' usually vary in size from a pin's head to several centi-
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Palsy of the masticatory muscles, on the other hand, may be due to
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as a sj'mptom is even greater than in thoracic ; and this remark applies
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however, the researches of Pluymers on the sarcosporidies may be of
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although certainly local, has been called a form of ascending neuritis.
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resulting from nerve disturbance within the thorax. The breathing is not
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large water cushion properly but not ovei-filled ; upon this, a double

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