the crus cerebri, a facial palsy of the cerebral type without palsy of the

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lessening zeal, and got through the next winter without any recurrence of gangrene. But

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The vascular system, for instance, affords us examples. Ergot taken

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times after a tiring day they will wake up at night with cramp pains in

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slight attack of left hemiplegia with headache, vertigo, and sight troubles.

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all suppurating wounds, where organisms abound, the progress of

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opposite to that on which the haemorrhage has occurred. The explanation

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Path. Soc. Lond. 1886, xxxvii. p. 197. — 207. Marie, R. Uinfarctus clu myocarde et

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serous iritis with trouble in the vitreous body, received

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all the cases that had then been published, and showed one at the ^ledical

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mensuclle, 1878. — 60. Targett. Trans. Path. Soc. London, vol. xlviii. p. 288.

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in quite young persons, even in children, sul)jects in whom the factor of

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sion with any experience whatever in the use of the

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will continue to have, a respectable remnant of so-

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and a new endothelium was formed. But, as a general rule, the end to be

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palpul);'arum and to retraction of the upjjcr eyelids ; and (iii.) l)y tremor of

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his case of arterial thrombosis rejects this e.^planation ; as he found the

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this part of the subject in detail ; but it may afford a clearer perception of

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of such a lesion depends, firstly, upon the magnitude of the nerve or the

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descrilied. Other cranial nerves may be affected simultaneously ; more

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inferred from their clinical characters ; and the varying statements and

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The following references are a selection from the more recent literature : —

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experiments looking toward the solution of the dis-

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by application through the telephone, or otherwise,

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not cured. Of these last 106 some cases were light,

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doubtedly aggravated but very slightly, if at all, by

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but if he is delicate, I caution you lest, in trying to

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ner\'e centres is most frequently due to violence, as from a blow ; sabre-

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brownish white colour and vary greatly in size. The small pigmented

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