destroying adjacent nerves, a])art from any changes in the nerve centres.
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middle of the axilla; then by gentle percussion at a
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from duty at Fort Shaw, M. T., and assigned to duty as
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of the class often called marantic. Many of these thromboses are infec-
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and its radicles is rare. I have seen an instance of autochthonous
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is so utterly variable that no argument can be based upon it. Certainly,
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was synovitis of the metacarpo-phalangeal joint of the right middle
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child, and to recover strength. Overcome by fatigue
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from my own observations that such a distinction cannot be relied upon
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disease in which ataxy is commonly absent, dealt a final blow to the
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affected Avith thrombosis of the iliac arteries, which is not a rare disease
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chietly met with in the young and middle-aged, from 20 to 40 ; most
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that reflex action, though of a different kind, is actually originated from
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It is not known that any symptoms attend the act of transportation
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into a fibrous mass; a great shrinking in the trunk of the inferior
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further conception of the pathology of the nervous system which new
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Of these, 34 were noted as " marked " ; the remainder as " some
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decussation of the pyramidal tracts abolishes it on the same side as the
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kidneys, anginal phenomena are very frequently manifested, — a fact which
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aneurysmal. It is not, therefore, antecedently improbable that syphilis,
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on one side and of the limbs on the opposite side (Weber's symptom).
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aff"ections, notably of locomotor ataxy or tabes dorsalis ; but this remark
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this third group by the designation primary cardiac angina. It includes
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difficult in such cases to place the facts in this respect beyond question.
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vol. i. p. 297. — 5. Ogstox. Brit. Med. Jour. 1881, L p. 591. — 6. Wolbebg. Deutsche
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and present fibrous hyaline degenerations, generally accompanied by
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pain in lead colic. Mutatis mutandis, this description will apply to
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Taking 45 cases of fatal angina enumerated by Forbes and adding to
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site of predilection being, as before mentioned, especially related to
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presence is revealed in individual cases. These phenomena are met with

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