the one pole being applied to the sciatic notch, and the other to various

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dulness over the upper part of the sternum. In my case there were no

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to the lower limbs ; in syringomyelia Avhere the cervical part of the cord

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over a slow fire or in a water bath until the juice of

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increased diuresis and restoration of the renal secre-

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tion, but in other cases, like the one before you, they

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a period' of twenty-six years, out of 12,000 necropsies.

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portunity to know its purport, having had it several

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patient opened and shut his hand as fast as he could. The first con-

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WiLHELM. Gaz. hebd. de med. et de chirurg. May 21. 1875, p. 332, No. 21. — 38.

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are later changes. Mobius has pointed out that in the cases in which

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the hollow of the sacrum, clearly renders posterior dis-

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masses are regularly present, both in capillaries and larger vessels of the

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division and subdivision, and are often plume-like in arrangement : these

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heart's action, resulting in hypertrophy of the ventricles. These two

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The further advance of the disease is indicated by implication of the

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to any but the closest observer, and hence it is that a

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the course of the operation the sphincter-ani muscle

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posterior longitudinal bundle — an observation Avhich has been confirmed

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pressure of heart lesions leading to thrombosis of the jugular vein into

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with, and their frequency, or at least their recogni-

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aorta in which, after laparotomy had been performed, seventy-two yards of

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formed in shed blood. They are made up of fibrillated fibrin and of

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the urethra to .the wall of the bladder. The danger

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bosis leading to fatal pulmonary embolism has been latent. Here the

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are very varied. Some of them resemble the variety which has been

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mediastinjil tumour, but is also liable to be compressed, and its calibre

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