commencement, was considerably thickened, and at a point rather less than an
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lesion present in tabes is added disease of the lateral columns, the knee-
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already said, very variable, and the diagnosis is, as a rule, not difficult.
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donment, unless by his own utter neglect, as I know
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The microscope would have been effective enough for
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very commonly aJected ; for example, if the patient be standing still and
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but with a prolonged intermission terminating in fatal syncope. These
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Diagnosis. — Neuralgia is simply nerve pain ; but it is generally easy
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one admissible, the forceps, while a second contends
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especially dyspnoea ; and among other symptoms noted are a feeling as if
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as the result of pressure upon the brachial jilexus. Abnormal sensations
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abnormally great ; and, even if allowance be made for the rough treat-
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there were evidence of a similar condition of feebleness on the part of the
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from rupture of vessels. Their significance lies in the localisation and
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speaks highly of the use of the water in all chronic
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The reason for this increased prevalence amongst men is clear when Ave
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and soap gets into the eyes in Avashing the face. The eyelids can be
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just made, lies in the knowledge of the fact, revealed by pathological
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the cause of the inflammation in the connective tissue, and the extension
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after all circulation has ceased. So susceptible to local ansemia are
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subsequently. To von Recklinghausen we especially owe the recogni-
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arrangement as in the human thrombi already described ; or even after
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1897. — 17. FccHs. BeiUsche Zeitschr.f. Xcrv. 1893-94.— 18. GoLDsHEiDEuand Moxter.
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normally or pathologically dilated channels frcm smaller ones, or
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Pelvic organs, female, H. Savage, M.D. Review.... 429
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