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when with the debility is connected a special relaxation of the tissues, as
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effects of the absorbed phosphorus may be owing to iti* combustion in
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H, Parlicular Escharotics — Potmrn, Potatta with Lime, Nitrate of Silver^ Sulphate
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ful tumours and ulcers, cancerous, scrofulous, or aimply phlegmonous,
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pulse in twenty-four hours from 9lj to itO in the minute, (Teroira, Mai
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ordinary muscular subacute rheumatism, such as lumbago, pleuroiiynia.
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the nervous system generally, without specially acting on the brain.
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L'arbonic acid water, prepared and long kept in copper fountains.
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tbe fTcat BU^ioTTtT of iafctaaoesv, des^Jtnte of tbe jbadow of prc*of, aad
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ment against the abuse of alcohol, from the fact that it may contTibute
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The Oil of Cinnamon (Oleum Cinnamomi, U. S,) is never used alone,
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by their control over the special cerebral functions. They are equiva-
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to leave the world without giving some degree of pennanency to what
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preceding, and the butter obtained from its cream is less con-
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^elopment of gAlranism, the battery of Dan i ell, which affords a more coQsiftnt eii
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had been tried with little or no effect. It will have been observed tbat
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IB cxmtact with the skin ; but this cannot be long borne, in constoqnonoe
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his powers expand, and with the ' viewless winged passion.
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being worse conductors ; but they are much more apt to ab-
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somewhat subsided in the course of the disease. The opium should
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differences in the final mortality ratios were observed when mice
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fcnr grain*, three timesa daj. to be given vith dilute phosphoric acid, whieh it its
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employed until the skin becomes cool, the pulse feeble, and the danger
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nux vomica with a reasonable hope of benefit. Perhaps the asserted
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vents the return of the paroxysms, would prevent the occurrence of the
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toxide of iron, one of water, and one of the acid ; that of the sesquisalt,
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dered centre be continuing to act morbidly simply from having begun lo
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I prefer the opiate plan of treatment moderately conducted, giving only.i
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increase of function. The surface may be pale, dry, and inactive; the
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Inbred albino mice weighing 15 to 20 gmwere used for the experi-
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acter more or less amenable to nervous stimulation. Examples of gen-
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the routine work of the various college faculties. ^^
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been, (which they were induced to do, from the greater dryness of the
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be employed with propriety; but it is contraindicated in the internal
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which are most common and characteristic. Sometimes it irritates thtJ
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among its prominent symptoms. There is often also a feeling of dryness
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