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visceral type. But in some cases a sudden rise of temperature will

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Record of this city, putting forth the necessity of its

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lower limbs being the last to be implicated. But in whatsoever order the

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with the progressive anaesthesia of the face so characteristic of a lesion

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contracted for from one to three seconds, and then they are not

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ation, so that however great the laceration may be it

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(iv.) It will usually be found, in persons subject to these attacks,

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nerve be but partially destroyed a characteristic feature is the dilatation

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Again, the group of pure neuralgias has been much diminished of

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dition, are generally sufficient, sooner or later, to clear up the nature of

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Chicago University, and the year following as going-

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cerebral arteries, and also the constricted lumen of these vessels, in a

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resultant anchylosis proves utterly unconqueral)le, so that it is vain to

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sometimes two or three degrees higher than that of the unaffected foot,

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often be made to flow through arteries and veins. This appearance

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But this paralysis may arise from lesion (tumour usually) within the

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sants du coeur, instabilite extreme des functions circulatoires et etat

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more freely carried to the right, and that aspect of the vessel is not only

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of the thyroid. The association of tetany with the myxedema following

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stinal cellular tissue is of extremely rare occurrence, but it is nevertheless

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Various forms of lymphangioma are met with, and frequently the

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ated chloroform, and that the alkaline formiates only

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Two pulmonary cusps, 64 cases Two aortic cusps, 23 cases

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of what is to be understood by an average strength of the jerk ; just as

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researches of Byvoets, Fraenkel, and others, would seem to show that

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