adults which have not materially altered for eighteen or more years. Also

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hands and appealing to dispensaries, where they are

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investigations. Physiology and pathology are at one

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the more recent experiments of Baginsky failed to confirm this observa-

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more capable of rapid union and early resumption of functions after

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picture of haemorrhagic infarction of the intestine has been present

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transformation ensues in which fatty globules appear, a pale yellow or

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remarked that such attacks are frequently preceded by more recognisable

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lary roots were divided. Of seventeen experiments, in which anaesthesia of

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by rapid pulse, nausea, and flexure of the thighs, — in

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Thrombosis of veins of the extremities. — Clinically the most familiar

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tion, however, in combination with lesions of the cardiac or vascular

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statistics showing that we have three times as many

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An area of coagulative necrosis resulting from shutting off of the

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efforts will but too frequently end in disappointment. The first principle

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This case, which stands alone, afibrds conclusive proof of the passage

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owns it subject to this restriction, namely: that it must

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left eye was wholly lost, and the eye at times became

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cachectic conditions, and ana?mia. In 1887 Weigert stated that by

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it has then a special tendency to produce local abscesses in the course of

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lay hold of it the hand goes beyond. From this it appears that there

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The application of the X rays to the diagnosis of internal

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on the look-out for phenomena of this nature, which, even when slight,

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for reasons already given, the book, as a whole, can

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algia ; which disorder, indeed, during the latter years of his life under-

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rate this has occurred when the left ventricle was unaflected, while the

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Wagner, in stating that " the favorite seats of these

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