stretching, are to be looked upon as no more than a profound kind of

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stitial neuritis being absent, or present to a slight degree only. Hence, to

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place to persistent change, may, in their final stage, become examples of

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The patient suffers from severe darting pains in the limbs, or aching

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midst of which he died. Morgagni believed that the death was due not

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of the air-tubes, bronchitis with excessive secretion is very common, and

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surgeons in attendance, which had been popularly assailed. He regrets

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appeared completely in Gull's and in Xunezs cases, but in Chvosteks

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suggests that the motor fibres of a large member of peripheral nerves may

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microscope by H. W. Wiley, M.D., Professor of Chem-

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tain notes taken by two of his medical friends, and

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nerve, and enter the pons Varolii between the restiform body and the

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cutaneous sensibility, nevertheless, may be much diminished, the

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patient is good, and he is cheerful and free from pain.

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and mechanical dilatation of the left ventricle, Avhich may be obserA-ed to

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portant cause. January, 1879, in a paper* before the

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In all except the slightest cases rest in bed is advisable. The patient

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introduction of a catheter into the bladder an impos-

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their pathogenetic effects in every place where they may chance to lodge.

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mia, of which no cause could be assigned; Zweifel sub-

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})ared with pyrexia. Nor is this surprising ; the nervous system should

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Diagnosis is only possible where the tumour is palpable.

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mission, while straining violently during the act of

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directs attention to the fact that soon after the begin-

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The pain is often atrocious and more or less paroxysmal. There may

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These leucocytes have a large nucleus readily and deeply stained,

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prompt relief. This patient recovered perfectly, al-

Use Of Trazodone In Dementia