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inadequate, and whose tissue renewal is therefore sluggish ; and, finally,
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under similar conditions with a thin, homogeneous fluid. The pressure
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(p. 167). This explanation places the chief emphasis upon the eddying
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deal specially with cancer and sarcoma, sufficient account having already
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the lymphatic vessels of the tongue has been known to follow erysipelas
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to the mild alkaline secretion of the uterus is now in
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their absorption. So that we then fail to secure th«
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must, however, be remembered, that a nerve, after division, may unite
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It is not this sort of traffic which is most pernicious;
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heart, in order to cut off the septic thrombus from
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nervous system, we are not surprised to find that this disintegration
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then the history of the two affections has become inseparable, and justly
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when the movement is Avatched, but also that it is a long while before
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differ from a valvular murmur. Often, in aneurysms arising very near
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of the blood-current is not by itself an efficient cause of thrombosis.
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Great Britain or mentioned in our medical jotirnals ; namely, that
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bifurcation, which it rides with a prolongation extending into each branch
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defects of various kinds. Dr. Barlow states that the result has been
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absolute dulncss with much resistance, especially if it extends across the
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1 It is possible that the frontalis receives a direct nerve-supjily from the third nerve,
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greater the proportion of nucleic acid in the latter the more highly
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general mediastinitis ; and (r) that form to which the term indurative
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Schlesinger has observed and collected a number of cases where the
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speaks of persons "who are very binocular." He per-
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by elevation of temperature. Direct invasion of thermic nervous
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physiological margin of normal metabolism ; so that, in case of injury
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