ment. Mercurial inunction or injections combined with large doses of

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in cases of pulmonary stenosis, unless infective endocai'ditis is present.

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Appel, D. M., 1st lieutenant and assistant surgeon.

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once within ten days ; and one patient was supposed to have been in

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lation is the cause of want of work, and, therefore,

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regular daily evacuation of the bowels. Spirits should be forbidden, or

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that the spinal cord and nerves were carefully examined microscopically,

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of the eighth nerve. According to Bechterew the chief part of the

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but his description signifies but little. The distance

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this incision until it will admit one or two fingers of

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factors in the evolution of pathological states in the offspring.

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In a typical seizure one foot becomes suddenly blue, beginning at the toes, extending

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hydrophobia, is attracting so much attention, I will

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between the left innominate vein and the arch of the aorta, is unique in

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posed to marantic thrombosis. I once made an autopsy on a case

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Some authorities recommend the combination of small doses of liquor

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limbs be similarly affected, the limb which is subjected to the above

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55. Kruger. Ztschr. f. kl. Med. l%91 .—bQ. Leyden. " InHuenza," Z^cAr./. A-/. J/crf.

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all cases in which this sense is either blunted, lost, or pei'verted. In

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transported as coarse emboli, producing all of the mechanical efi'ects

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ject still open for discussion ; and as such we report-

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or by some other indirect way, instead of by stimulat-

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" Tiie Eirly Symptoms of Aneurysm of the Aorta, as anticipating Physical Diagnosis,"

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Malum, M !>., ot Camden, N. J., and Mary Bringhurst,

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iv. p. 841. — 77. Smith, Sir Thoma.s. Path. Trans, vol. x.xiii. p. 74. — 78. Thomson,

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