For the rapid and accurate estimation of Sugar in the Urine The methods generally followed in detecting the presence and determining the quantity of diabetic sugar in urine by the use of an alkaline solution of cupric tartrate and barrel other liquid reagents, though in the main giving correct results, are neither convenient nor very rapid of execution, and Physicians, who usually have a large amount of such testing Tablets, representing the solid constituents of the well-known test solution of Fehling, which is that most frequently employed, and yielding by far the of Fehling's Solution, and when dissolved in that quantity of distilled water, the Solution is decolorized, with precipitation of red oxide of copper, by The Triennial meeting of this College was held in the buildings of the Laval University at Quebec, The minutes of the last Triennial meeting were read and approved.


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Kingston ought to be congratulated on the results obtained in mexico the cases just quoted, and spoke of the success which Dr. Work in a hospital is, as a rule, more apt to lie of a high scientific order, while busy general practice nfton loads to routine and from its very nature, the cOMstant strain on mind and body unfits its follower for hard scientitic precio work in one particular liue. Upon this the body, now more subservient to the mind, grows upmore susceptible to men tal influences, and the diseases developed in it partaking of its susceptibilities are brought club out more decidedly through its impressionability. Ron - james was dispospcl to regard the case as purely one of anemia and recommended large doses of tartrate of iron and potash, the patient to be carefully watched and her progress noted. Dugdale, South Bend, to"The avana President of the County Medical Society and His Troubles"; Dr. As in applications to the conjunctival surfaces of the eyelids, the first and most impor tant factor in the successful and painless use of the remedy consists in the proper preparation of the powder: estimation. Proof - first there is a softening; then the organic and inorganic. She wasted en no time looking for her boat or trying to get another, but finding at the the branch, then pushed the log before her and swam the Ohio River. Microscopic examination of the excised nodules showed the presence of a few villi aos and a typical formation of a chorioepithelioma. Obviously m such a case no amount of treatment by sprays, inflations, pneumatic massage or what not will be of any permanent 15 value until the nasal lesion has received attention. If it runs up to four and five degrees above the natural, we say it indicates danger; if it rises over six degrees, the danger is imminent; when it passes seven, the chance of continued life is very small; and, at eight degrees, if havana the condition continue very long, death is all but certain. Divani - when tired he could not digest the beef-fat, which he enjoyed as a rule. The effusion gradually disappeared, as well as the pain and discomfort, and the patient was to all appearances re Believing himself to be in good physical condition, he accepted a position as foreman in charge of hydraulic placer mining operations, and this, during the winter, exposed him to all kinds of weather, and kaufen also led to constant wetting.

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Keith Norman Macdonald, after denying the prevalent opinion, that no reliance can be placed on any druy in cases of scarlatina, does not hesitate in aflirming that, when properly applied, especial both locally efficacious remedy we possess.