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cancer, they are more prevalent before than after middle life.

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affected in the same manner as that associated ^^•ith the voice, lihonchal

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clear from the fact that lesions of the posterior limb have been associated

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Weir Mitchell describes such joints (which he regards as not uncommon)

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and by Babes, and especially in the end muscle plate. Changes in the

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two-thirds of the death rates prevalent among children

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always be used in doulitful cases, and it may clear up any obscurity at

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and origin with the phenomenon of "pulse-breath," already indicated,

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several cases on record in which the loss of colour sense only was observed ;

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opacities in the axis of vision — varying from a slight

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of partial paralysis of the tibialis anticus muscle on

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are strictly limited to the lung or pleura ; but they may supervene in

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giWng rise to characteristic clinical symptoms, yet other arteries are

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adequately considered by Professor Dreschfeld in vol. i. p. 817 ; and the

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severe pains like those of colic. The growth of the

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by lymphatic spaces ; in the slighter cases, previously referred to, the

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the pelvis, commonly unilateral, by high temperature,

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vention will do more of valuable work than has been

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itself gradually breaks doAvn into a little heap of granules — pigmentary

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of little importance in the diagnosis of "neuralgia." He states that in

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a Lite phenomenon, and is usually slight in degree.

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has been successful in one or two cases, but it is rarely of much bene-

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infiltration of urine by free evacuation of the con-

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relief must mainly be attribute^ to the cure of the

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a mask over the patient's face. This mask is provided

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What constitutes the black head of the comedone.. 533

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