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heated the specimen for several minutes it is immediately

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twenty-two years it fell into disrepute. In 1880 O 'Dwyer, influenced by the

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English authorities, and was looked upon by the older clinicians as a truly

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ing too much importance to such a drop (Fig. 4). It is stated that in some

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on the other hand, many who were in constant attendance upon the sick

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While the former rule may more safely guard the company,

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tual. The cough subsides and the sputum is no longer expectorated but

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found in 30 (28.5 per cent.) so that among a total of 6,819 autopsies there

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very useful if it is made in such a way that it can be easily removed. A gener-

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litis may occur and in a case reported by Curschmann was definitely asso-

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to the uvula or one tonsil, or it may cover each tonsil, the uvula and the hard

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Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, well-marked peritonitis was noted

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of disease and injury respectively. But how far it will do so

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nose and mouth — lesions that furnish a path of ingress to the streptococcus.

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completely close the external meatus. Otitis media is not common when we

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instance the proUferative inflammations resuking in nodules caused by the

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particularly if the anginose symptoms are pronounced, are frequently very

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speaking, like saving at the spigot while wasting at the bung.

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actively poisonous cholera cultures and showed that the bacterium free filtrate

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lihood of living to be old as those in whom this operation has

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becomes capable of infecting; (3) the restriction of the hosts to a single

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the possibility of some complication but they are frequently seen without any

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may carry the bacilli past most of the ordinary defences.

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should be visited as early as possible for diagnosis. Every case of plague

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The substance destroyed by the serum, presumably a toxin, they suppose to

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albumin in the urine is an indication of something wrong

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all of these died at forty-six or under. Six died from heart

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any highly infectious disease. In 542 A. D. (Justinian age) plague started in

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I mention this simply to illustrate the difficulties which

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believes that the desquamation and disintegration of the

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