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compilation the theories of Galen dominate the work, but the clinical
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impressed, therefore opium or morphine, if given to very young
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of this tissue which enables the eyes to preserve the shape of a globe.
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had fallen into disuse. The good results got from this treatment in
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make better men. They cost less to raise, and if less polished they
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ception to this is in the case of cori:)ulent individuals, for whom,
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veloped, independently of the cause which gave rise to it. Pain,
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group of muscles, involves almost the entire muscular system. But
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disappeared, and it looks hazy or hyaline. Fat droplets are frequently
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process starting with those of the back of the neck. There is at first
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The common complications of measles are bronchitis, pneumonia,
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embarrassment of the physician in such cases in arriving at a correct
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There are several ways by which poisons may enter the system, the
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the impairment of nutrition is slight and shows itself as a rule in the
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Hence, whatever tends to improve the health condition of the
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drates, often enough with even diminished tolerance. The greater
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Rheumatic inflammation never affects the whole surface of the
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Laboratory, physiological and pathological, of the alumni asso-
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when meat constitutes a large part of the diet. In many cases of
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results of his investigations, Unna has attempted to explain why one
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has had experience of chronic malarial j)oisouing has been able to
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cornea, so as to destroy a measure of its transparency. The treat-
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Warm climates and the excitements of fashionable life tend to
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it is taking place, urea and other waste products are being eliminated
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cluding Holland, gout is not an uncommon malady, though b}^ no
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abundant diet. In the long run, however, they will be the better for
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that such patients are j^rone to habitual constipation, hemorrhoids,
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Leyden, E. : Ueber eineu Fall von Fettherz. Berliner klinische Wocheuschrift,
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temperature ; it never terminates by a distinct crisis, and it is im-
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nal organs. If they be in comparatively good health before the
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once was a tubule, and this is the process of fibrosis. The work of every
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do not avail, the case should be submitted to some one who is skillful
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transient incident that soon yields under the influence of a change
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Brillat-Savarin : Physiology of Taste. German Translation, 1878.
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rectum, cutting completely through the sphincter muscle. Re-
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ent of the Regents, and empowered to grant diplomas
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income, when the desires are not restrained, and extravagance pre-
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nesium, and ammonium hare also a deterrent effect but slighter than
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aggerated by the peculiar form of malnutrition to which it had been
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tion will reveal the fact, either in answer to close c^uestioning or
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their hsemoglobin and their biconcave form, and become globular or crenated.
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The restraints interposed by the mother should be firm but kind and
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The Countenance. — The first thing we naturally notice about a

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