breathing ; and even on the deepest inspiration there is no protrusion of
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White, W. Hale, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician and Lecturer on Pharmacology and
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In several instances a single small loop or several loops with interven-
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medical literature in our language on nervous syphilis,
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while the gradual ulcerative absorption of the wall of the left bronchus
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might also be of advantage in various other eye dis-
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one-hundredth of a grain, to be taken every evening.
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this arises from the lessened resistance to the current owing to the
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was passed into the bladder and a quantity of clear
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plexus in the submucous coat (Heller). But these anastomoses are
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and from the cases submitted in illustration ; namely, that, with all his
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teric vein, the internal and external iliac veins on both sides, and the
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of ten in one thousand, and the sickness in like pro-
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" Arsenic," Neur. Cent. 1897. — 92. Leyden. " Mercnrj, " Deutsche vied. fVoch. IS9S. —
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knee the anterior tibial muscles suffer occasionally.
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will often completely remove them for a time. Phenacetin, the mildest of
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All of these prescriptions are, as perhaps you know,
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of implication of the visual centres ; and, depending upon the extent and
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and in one of acute aneurysm of the ulnar and posterior tibial arteries,
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different patients find different movements particularly difficult. Thus
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during the summer, and while at rest during the winter. During the period
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of bone with joint lesions of trophic origin may be found ; they are tabes,
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George W. Balfour, has so far fulfilled expectation that feAv intelligent
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143, 144, 146, 166), and one case reported by Schut-
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been already lauded to the degree of fulsomeness by
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be cut off except that with the veins, the part undergoes simple necrosis
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Feb. 11, 1888.— 3. Battel. Brain, 1897.— 4. Bell, Sir Charles. Kerrovs System,
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in your inquiries into the causes of wear and tear of the
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seems to radiate through the entire chest, and may be centred in some
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cous, muscular and fibrous coats, — also further par-
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17-19. — 56. HuxTER, John. "Obs. on the Inflam. of the Intern. Coat of Veins," Trans.
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cipated some of Virchow's results. The Avonder is that until Virchow's
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restitution of tactile sensation was established, ^hile painful sensibility
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^ In 1874 Mr. Holmes published (44) a table of all the cases lie could tlien find, "in
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