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The general symptoms of simple phlebitis are those of a mild fever.

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to succeed in this matter, as in most details of this

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in the liquor traffic ; and every year a considerable number are brought

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erative and destructive processes. These appearances were well seen in

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venous obstruction often af!brd much information as to its situation,

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and pulsation ceased twenty- six days later. The cure

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Neoplasmen im vordeien Mediastinal- I'auni," Pragrr Vierteljahr. 1868, vol. c. — 27.

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form-sense as well as a peripheral defect of the light-sense. The view

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in its growth may .surround and involve neighbouring glands, "which may be

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cases of aneurysm of the aorta in men from whom I had not been able to

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and treated before it has merged into actual disease.

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haemorrhage in the wall of the auricle or from a varix ; and this opinion

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to explain the mechanism of attack, to accoiuit for the most characteristic

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taking place through the vascular endothelium are the rare instances

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that conduction of impulses is greatly hindered by such a condition. The

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thus conditions of athetosis or post-hemiplegic movements of various

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genuine vacuole retaining its original form exactly. Vacuolation of

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neuritis ? That this may happen when disease is limited to certain

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Gombault, especially near the muscles ; these structures had completely

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remnants of a gland, or Avhat remains of the gland may be found still

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was followed by a large number of odorless air bub-

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white corpuscles, sometimes of platelets, sometimes only clear plasma.

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lation, while the portal vein would carry most of it

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circumstances venesection should not be omitted, " because we believed

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effort necessary to move the paretic eye outwards, the associated internal

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had commenced the previous Friday at 1 a.m., fifty-

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which rapid pressure had been ajiplied with a view of curins^ aneurysms at a single sitting

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Chlorofoi-m depresses, strychnia augments neural tonus ; venosity tempor-

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amongst them must be included some of the cases of death in the water

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fractured surface which, in fortunate cases, may be made to fit on the

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