ever, for us, the question at present under discus-
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local asphyxia, and symmetrical gangrene as three successive
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nerves are connected. The only exception which must be made to this
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priority of discovery of this method is due to Pac-
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stances it presents a chylous appearance, and possibly this may result from
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in the mediastinum secondary to sarcoma in remote parts, generally
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Nerve fibres generally conduct impulses in one direction only, some
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ation, so that however great the laceration may be it
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where other conditions giving rise to prominent or grave symptoms have
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The difference in respect to sex is not so striking with a larger
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With a gun-shot wound Weir Mitchell describes the sensations as
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Not infrequently trigeminal neuralgia accompanies this form, and
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after food three times daily. Neither cpiinine nor strychnine is, as a
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United States Navy, and resident physician of the Chelsei
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dition is in the irritative stage. The anterior crural nerve is very
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as the results of the primary disease are more likely to be in evidence.
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continuity in the internal and middle coats ; and that all aneurysms, there-
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situations apparently the most unpromising, so far as the circulatory
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nucleus and is often called " cell body "' in contradistinction to " cell
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fault as its innervation. While these changes in the
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Eight cases with two cusps ; four with four cusps ; and one Avith five.
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dressing and operating, but in some respects are even
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mitral stenosis seem favourable to the occurrence of arterial throm-
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