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the plug, and to the local and constitutional effects of irritative or toxic

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tongue and throat are similarly affected. In well-marked cases there is

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some rare cases, to be described later (p. 783), it would appear as if

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she fell to the floor. Hef husband after helping to

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second detachment of the ,4th cavalry from Fort Clark to

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should form an almost equally prominent feature ; or that the bone and

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and far more frequently in the lower than the upper. Arterial throm-

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pain. In the earlier stages above all things the general health must

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Pathology. — When primary, it may result from fungating endocarditis,

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of the iris shows that he has not investigated that

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sense of the Society was very properly as follows :

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bladder is a curative procedure in some cases of in-

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manifested in visible tortuous jnilsating and rigid temporal and brachial

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subjects of fibrillary contractions ; these being found more especially in

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ing points, place a large flat sponge between the an-

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caused by simple haemorrhage from rupture of blood-vessels is perhaps

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gynecological and obstetrical fee table was adopted

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among the first (1) showed hysteria localizing itself

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affected leg may be present ; as a rule, however, vaso-motor and trophic

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existing are unmistakable. Again, there may be very little complaint

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be horizontally pressed by the auricular contractions against the orifice ;

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Morgan attrilmtes one of his cases of limited erythromelalgia of the

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portal thrombosis. In several instances of the latter thrombosis of the

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extreme mitral stenosis. The patient, a girl 15 years old, had the

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exactly the cause of both the disease and its cure.

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and long-continued massage, are often followed by progressive improve-

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these nerves) they accordingly gave the name of the cilio-spinal region.

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