thetic to the uro-genital organs. He has used it by

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paralysis may depend on disease limited to peripheral nerves % To answer

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Brain, 1895.— 77. Nothnagel. Allg. Wicn. rned. Ztg. 1895.— 78. Kennekt. Deut,

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find its morbid anatomy by Dr. Ivanthack, in the first volume. It is

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The site of the aneurysm corresponds to this circumscribed area of

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gangrene, which had followed attacks of pain and local asphyxia. The

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It would be easy to multiply these quotations. I give

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daughter of Dr. Charles W. and Emily R. Robbins, aged

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traumatism combined with infection of the intima. This has been

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fication and explanation of the actions of medicines,

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half of childhood, and may affect several mem'oers of the same family.

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Reddish purple, round, or oval areas on the limbs sometimes appear

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eff'ectually resisting the blood-pressure at the original site of rupture, even

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commanding general, department of Dakota, for assignment

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unjustifiable, for each day brings progress, and the

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short but thorough review in addition to the fuller

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the other hand, marked slowness of the pulse ; and these disorders may

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and the dorsal auditory nucleus, how is this nerve brought into associa-

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the " tendon-phenomena " plays an important part in some of the latter

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ther use of chloral. In such cases he says morphine,

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much as of any should be limited to the poor. It is

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of clinical material offered for study: and sympathy

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ests. Looking at it in this light, it clearly appears

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viscera — Dr. John Macint^n-e of Glasgow, whose excellent work in all

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for sudden local fluctuations in blood supply — fluctu-

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prolonged irritation of the peritoneum, usually em-

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affected with comparative frequency, while the flex-

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pirated the liver for abscess twenty- six times in the

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commonly, however, along with such an ana?sthetic area, .symptoms of

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was complete. There was no separation of bone, and the ultimate appearance of the fingers

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cancer in this region rarely occurs before middle life. Hare concludes

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the effects of perineal section; and even if it were

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" mitral ' cells of the olfactory bulb, whose axis-cylinder processes are

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W. H. Daly, M. D. Elongating Hypertrophy of the Femur

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muscles Avhich they innervate, results. But does disease of the spinal

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