deductions may with confidence be drawn from statistics based upon

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exaggerated. During the attack there is unquestionably a local eleva-

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may correspond with that which Siemerling has described as the nucleus

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follows : — " 1st. Powder thrice a day the affected parts

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but the object actually aimed at is neither uncertain

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siderable misgiving. For in one case of doubtful diagnosis, which is

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those su])plying the external ocular muscles situated in the posterior

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of Berlin, regarding the physiological action of the

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catch the dust of the atmosphere of infected locali-

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many or in most cases latent as regards its beginnings, comes into the ken

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Local variations in the structure of arteries. — A full account may

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Facial hemiatrophij is a peculiar condition in which all the tissues of

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R. French Stone, M. D., of Bainbridge, and Tillie C,

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not rarely associated with some of the preceding) indicates pressure

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2 In Liittich's case already mentioned (p. 273) of thrombosis of the a<>rta in an infant

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has given a tal)ular abstract of cases reported up to that time, as well as

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into the uterine cavity. Jiirgensen has reported cases in which he

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sputum. The secondary development of growths in other parts of the

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V)rought oil by physical exertion, by passing into a colder atmosphere, or by the

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posed to involve the whole supra-orbital region, or

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blood stream may be re-established, especially when the walls of the

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In this position it causes neuralgia over the whole of the temporal fossa,

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pulse-rate ; indeed it is common enough not to be able to increase the

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two cases already referred to, it forms a very notable contribution

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account he gives of the nature and cause of his pain, it is certain that it

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Adolphus, P., M. D. Difficult forceps delivery.. 71

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