house is well ventilated through the sun-light at the top of the
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also seek to have the terms of the pi-oposed charter modified.
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Registrar-General's returns (see Table II), during the years
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unmarried ; doubly qualified. Salary, £50 per annum, with residence,
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cates, and for the occupation of Buildings which, under the provisions of
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numerous, that they have only lately been fully realised,
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as are " liable to recall to service ;" it is a point to be again urged on
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relapsed and found their way to other institutions, but one's
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Mi'Uer Hospital and Royal Kent Dispensary, vice Cecil H. Rock,
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specialist in skin diseases, but by a practitioner whose know-
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probability that thestaten;ent of all these people should have
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birth. It is elongated, of a greyish-white colour, irregular —
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Lang, J. MastertoD, J. C. Matheson, D. M'F. Millar, J. M't'eat. J. C.
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Female Students in Amsterdam. — Of the students in the
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some of the obscure nervous diseases from which some
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Obstetrical Clinic of the University of Rome, and author of a
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tooth on left side, acutely sensitive, and, although not
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rings " were examined, this mineral would be found in it.
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geons in Ireland, he was capable of rendering on many occa-
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complete translation of this Papyrus, but Brugscli gives an
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is finally brought together by mears of a continuous suture of
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and congratulate our readers on the eminently wise, judicious,
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Bartholomew's Hospital : S. F. Lynch, King's College ; C.
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views of the leading authorities on the subject, the Commis-
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Clause 9 appears to make all the bodies mentioned in Clause 7 (1)
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"^A MEDiCAT, man ol" my acquaintance," writes a correspondent of the
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pectoration and feVer continuing, the left pleura was ex-
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"3. Mr. Clarke also showed us certain appearances which
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Wesener, Leloir, and Campana have further shown that
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J. M. Parsons, London ; Mr. H. P. Pike, Gloucester ; Dr. A. Purkiss,
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allows of the cyst being drawn up to or even partially out of
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Female Students in Amsterdam. — Of the students in the
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Class i.— The characters on which I lay stress for the recog-
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or came near the abdominal wall, the operation was neither
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patient— a mutual error that could scarcely fail, under the exceptional
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of the Trp-goose, without, however, bringing the latter to the fire, and the
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right rib? to Poupart's ligament. The tumour anteriorly had a rounded
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There is decidedly room for improvement in the diagnosis
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been of use. The spinal abscess was bounded in all directions
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London, by Professor Crookshank, assisted by Dr. Hewlett ;
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certainly useful when a sedative was called for. Digitalis and
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lishment, District Surgeon, Trichinopvtlv, is appointed Principal Medical
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tropic— that is, the refracting power was so slight that the
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thought it well to draw attention to a hidden danger which they
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April itth to l.5th. Twenty-one oases, mostly adults.
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although I am glad to have the assurance ot the secretaries

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