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Many observations have been made on jDortions of nerves extracted

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rear of the old building, is the height of two stories

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report that certain "radiating acicular crystalline

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HAUsES. r(Vt7t(3if's.4rt7t. 1885, c. p. 503. — 16. Kosstan. These. Geneve, 1884.— 17.

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hand, Schiff has stated that section of the superior maxillary division

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dyspnoea. The onset of phthisis was two years before his death. The

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becomes significant. It may be irritable and teazing, almost constant or

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joint : it may also favour the opeiation of the traumatic influences which

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encapsulating thrombi, as described in the previous article for primary

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tips of the second and third toes of the left foot. In the succeeding

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great comfort ; but they .should not be used when the action of the heart

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may or may not be attended with painful cramp. The key to the whole

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In ten days, after three dressings, the whole of the

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in contact with the end-tufts of the protoplasmic processes of the so-called

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Aneurysms of the splenic artery are rare ; rather less than

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a severe blow on the abdomen, was admitted with extreme ascites

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if any, result mainly from their effects upon the structures in the space.

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of the long extensors, so that it lies nearly on the same plane as the

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brain and cord, especially with regard to the vaso-motor centres ; and,

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of the pain and restlessness, it is very difficult to test it. There may be

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than that of all previous literature on the subject

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out of 14) there was no hypertrophy. In the dijfuse form the disease is

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cautery in epithelioma of the cervix uteri is urged in

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; was treated with revulsives of all kinds. For six

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found, in 1872 Dr. Marshall suggested the incorpora-

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slighter cases to complete recovery after a duration of some Aveeks ; in

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that, in a corresponding proportion of cases, the only key to a right

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formerly taught that syphilitic arteritis is usually a late secondary or a

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globules attached to it in great numbers; many hun-

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