(juite recognisable in the midst of the tumour tissue.'' Steven strongly
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ia) Lung affections. — The ordinary diseases of the lungs do not, unless
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Ligature of the left carotid alone has sometimes appeared to be success-
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of the fact that it is to be the subject of investigation
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called by French writers) become themselves the site of a limited gan-
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filjrous growths, sometimes seen after numerous tappings, may be due to
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ceived no small amount of profitable advertising from
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advances, the smaller becomes the group of pure neuralgias.
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very similar to that of tabes. Between this peroneal tyjie of muscular
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jerks may be lost in the absence of paralysis, (vi.) The occurrence of
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Heiligenthal observed no macroscopic changes in the spinal cord. In
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chloral, amyl nitrite, sodium ethylate, ethyl bromide,
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these cases did they claim degeneration ; but seemed
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much as regards its site, extent, intensity, characters, and other particulars;
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the same sudden and uncertain manner and as quickly falls ; variations
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the occipital lobe are followed by degeneration in the superior strata of
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Med. 1896, xKxi. p. 130.^9.'.. Hutciiin.sox. Joxathax. Arch, of Surg. Apr. 1898,
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is seen at points forming small abscesses below the m SCCllOU, \ ILU btl Ulgi^ Ol
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milkiness and opalescence are due to the presence of minutely divided
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and the impulse is displaced outwards and slightly downward (often this
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klappen-Glarus. 1887; Dissertation, Zurich. — 5. Bkamwell. A merkan Journal of the
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permitting the mixture to stand some days, allowing
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that the names of druggists should be kept from pre-
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extended and abducted, and cannot be opposed to the tips of the fingers.
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muscle after extreme forcible dilatation by the method
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anatomical facts bearing on the subject, the statement having been
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either by structural changes in the nerves themselves
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statistics showing that we have three times as many
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CliJi. Journ. 1897, No. 10. — 93. Gerulanos. "Paralysis from Strong Contraction of

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