"normal," "antitoxic," or thyroidal cytotoxic serum was obtained by using

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the left was atrophic, and the hand smaller; as shown by the radiographs

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lesions of the glands. He thought the hemorrhages might nave led to func-

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the more compact substance of the fragment, loosened it from

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Ill.ll .1 r,rl,,in .■,|l|||il,|i|„|| Mlllsl |.,V,,||M .■sliihlisl,,.,! |„.|W,.,.,I Ih, .MIliMn., .1

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The muscular weakness, the condition of the heart, and the nervous irrita-

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coucheur to the West)ninster General Dispensary ; Saville

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In describing any past cough, its severity, frequency, and duration should be

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ir the L'loiiiei iilar vessels an- pel I'llsed with li'illii'er's solution a!

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especially emphasized the idea that the hypertrophy was out of all proportion

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-Mula has In h.- ma.!.-, it sh-mM l- '«- laiL'.- as pnssihl." an.l n.-ar Ih.'

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to consider the possibility of latent foci of tuberculosis in other organs. A

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I'lil. I'i;i;;r;irii i.T iii.'tli...| r,,r r.-.-..r.liii- »t..iii;i. li iii,i\ . iii,.|iis .172

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I'athinu it with a solution of so,lium iluoiiil.'. thm liir sulphate an<l

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III' the ('lir\r is. hiivM'MT, not mi I'iisv a iiiiitlfr, iiikI slmitlil iicmt In-

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the condition passes in a few months from its acute to its chronic stage, and

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hccn slniwn that there is sono' pepsin in the intestinal contents, proviiii;

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points it was evident that the new bone had been secreted into

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fice: that is, ..n rice from which the |)ericarp had l.eeu removed l,y tli.

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Treatment. — Nothing which has been hitherto tried in the way of

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III. .Il-- .1 1 ,11. I ..1 11.111; i.;i.. II ijllil:' .,1 r....iii iiini.i laliii.- »ill li.- mi. Ii that lli.- i..ii..iii

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lietween the diira and sluilj and are so eonstriieted tliaf tliey can nol

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bowels. I have seen no case reported with abdominal colic, such as is so

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simultaneously, and of very little value if the urine as a whole is examined.

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a certain extent upon the number, virulence, and character of the invading

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tried, although usually recourse will have to be had to morphine or opium,

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Iiioveiiieiil „( air into .ind ont o| the alv.'oli i see also |.a^'e -Wii).

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j..-t I.. |..i,> [],.■ |.i,-|.|nK„n, i„,,.,l M.iit- 111 Hi, »,i,tri. I. . (!■>.. ii; I., im-. I

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The microscope reveals a general increase in the fibrous tissue, a thicken-

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lii>tanccs in which adsorption inidouhtedly pla\s a most imimrtanl

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conditions affecting lymph nodes in which the acidophilic cells play such an

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of the terminal distribution of the nerves in the muscles and the muscle

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dissipated life, was admitted into St. Bartholomew's

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iliu: till' IiIimkI \\]]\ clifiiiicMU lliMt lire ..ipnlilr of I'dimv im; tlu' cillciillii

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