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noted in the text of this article. Dr. Sansom further says, "A huge aneurysm may be

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valvular deformity, or of cardiac dilatation without valve disease, but in

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patients during the inter-paroxysmal period, and found that after a

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between the movements on the two sides becomes very pronounced.

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Pleurisy with effusion, a case of, D. A. K. Steele,

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and the sugar disappeared in a few days, the phleg-

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A. Secondary cardiac angina. — Etiology. — The etiology of this

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thoracic or aneurysmal tumours as it is of the other forms of spinal

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in the posterior mediastinum ; the hernia consisted of the greater part

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Not very infrequently after death in one or more of tliu intracranial

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lications at commutation rates, the amount must count $5

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or failure occurring in particular cases ; even the treatment of pulmo-

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to Dr. Murray that, by first placing the patient under chloroform so as

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Reeder, in 1821, seems to have been the first to draw a distinction

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an adaptation to resist the pressure of joints, and visceral and muscular

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There were no gross vascular signs, and no signs of peripheral or central nervous disease.

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indicated when the cardiac power is much reduced and its rhythm

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By these means I have attempted to show that the visual path is

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admission to hospital there was considerable pain in

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hyoid area in disease of the lateral portion, and (c) the occipital area,

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can bo excluded. It must be borne in mind that the positive diagnosis

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I)robably pass brainwards in relation with the fibres of tactile and

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motor fil)res for certain depressor muscles of the lower jaw (mylohyoid

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is the largest institution of the kind in the world.

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GowERS. C.7/1. Jtij^-na^, 1896-97. — 22. Hammond. " Cases in Infants," Jb?(r?i. A'erv.

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^ There is some confusion as to tlie sense in wliicli tlie words " terminal arteries " should

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exspiritione sangvinis, diarrhoea, dysenteria, mictione cruenta

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itive infection of the blood, and considers that the

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varying proportions, of paralysis, spasm, and irritation ; and their develop-

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eight grains an hour before retiring, with the addition

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affection. Neither of these difficultie.s, it is hardly necessary to say, is to

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