and is often associated with disturbance of vision, is also characteristic of

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pearances of the two diseases are essentially unlike.

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(2) Staphylococci. Staphylococci are commonly found Irnilk whlcn has been

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eral cerebral disturbances. This is explained by assuming that the muscles

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multiple sclerosis (q. v.) are perhaps purely motor.

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the M.D. degree) on recommendation of the Chairman of the Department, to whom

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Clinic, Midwifery Clinic, Ophthalmic Clinic, Psychological Clinic, Aural

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amount to thirty-six guineas, payable in one sum at the commencement

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times a decided improvement in the general condition and the blood picture,

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consciousness. Then comes the period of contortions and grand movements

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result of the following complicated processes, the disturbance of which, indi-

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hypertrophy of individual muscular fibers, and an increase in the number of

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The adult tapewom lives In the ^11 intestftte of The body^of «iis pai-a-

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The examination is divided into two parts, written and oral.

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(5) Cooling. Iimediately after crea« has been pasteurized, It Is cooled to

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a basis for the later anomaly. Injury in later life is also frequently accused

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ship, education, &c. ; but if applicant is not a native of any of

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disease is usually unilateral, often extending over the whole distribution of

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- ►afl.ita'ry di^t.. They' arr da^if ied^ as -a Crustacean along with auefe other

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ference to the sufferings of man or beast. They are incapable of leading an

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f^jlrymen prefer surface cooling to vat cooling because surface cooling refBOves undelsr-

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Associate Psychiatrists: Drs. Morris Braude, David B. Rotman.

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Halperin, Bernard Aloysius, s, a, w, Oak Park. A.B. (U. of Illinois) '27; A.M. (Har-

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been so long practiced as to be sure and steady. The learning of a new

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calcium urate, calcium phosphate, and sodium chlorid. However certain it is

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cases the patient may have for several days very frequent seizures, so that he

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the test as performed by the physicians, who expect a definite result them-

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ments ; the first edacates for University degrees, the second and third

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psychoses, maniacal attacks, delusions of persecution, refusal of food. In

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occur unexpectedly and suddenly. The treatment can be only symptomatic

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homes of patients is required. Students will be summoned to cases at the time of

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