larynx) it is essentially a paralytic phenomenon. The cough in such
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longer or shorter distance. But even in dissecting aneurysms, thus
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(iii.) Pigmentation of the skin occurs in small spots, or larger patches.
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third anil fourth cervical. In the early tubal form of the heart the
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or the latter may be attacked independently. These small thrombi are
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with the injection of j- gr. morphia hypodermically.
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muscles has been compiled partly from original investigations, and partly
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from diabetic coma, and they attribute in certain cases dyspnoea and
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cerned in, if not to occupy, the whole field of the manifestations of every
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Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, Oct. 1884, p. 627.
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is productive of hemianopsia : but the case from which he deduces this
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lying of the paralytic upon that side, as he always tends to do ; but
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Tympani. From American Journal of the Medical Sciences,
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The changes in the bones which have been described in this relation
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A. Reeves Jackson, A.M., M.D. The Treatment of Sterility.
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cutaneous structures, whilst senile gangrene is generally more profound,
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ber a large meeting was held at the Cooper Institute
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achromatopsia, there was associated partial hemianopsia, — a condition,
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to ])reak down and form abscesses or cavities, especially in the lungs,
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endoneurial septa, and often between the nerve fibres and the perineurium,
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generate leucocytes, and not poured out of the chyle vessels.
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for example, as veratria, or digitalis, and so forth. The neural com-
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in this condition than in aneurysm, and such appears to be the general
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have hounded him, through a hired publication, week
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fine line leading to an inflamed gland, as in lymphangitis, but a wide
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of consanguinity, of a relative whose intellectual, moral
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Meryon, in 1864 (22), describes an autopsy made on a second case
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ulcer with its ring of overgrown epidermis in animals whose sciatic nerve
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the fibres entering the so-called " sensory nucleus," by sclerosis of the

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