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covered " a stricture of the fundus at the junction of
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as the control of a variety of spasmodic affections,
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disease. In the Guy's Museum there are two specimens in which the
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in old cases of bronchitis and emphysema, especially when these conditions
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The hair and beard change colour, or may fall out. Or again, either
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important, sign of tracheal tugging). "When arising on the posterior and
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along its margin, and the other tAvo are elongated and thickened. The
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of mastication. The feebleness or inability to contract may be detected
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rise to this symptom. When such an aneurysm is not otherwise revealed
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of this to the internal coat, and the consequent endophlebitis, give rise
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as the catheter a permanence. Thus we have relieved
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were made to relieve pressure upon the brain of the
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merely as weakness, in ten ; paralysis of only one leg in five, and no
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of chronic myelitis, and its frequency in chronic alcoholism, we regard
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of peptone in the filtrate does not interfere with the
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of cases, depends, not upon any of those conditions
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essential to its production. When any one of these constituents is
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by medicine is to diminish reflex excitability of the
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tion, in these cases— so necessary to render instruc-
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demnation, for there are those among them that have
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extract of belladonna and glycerine to the area of lymphangitis usually
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characterised by high fibrin-content of the blood, than of enteric fever
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the interstitial forms of neuritis, myelitis, and cerebritis. In these
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gator, but he had a genius for devising means of doing
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eye, ear, and touch, as any physical fact can be, and while the diagnosis
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{f) Vocal resonance. — It is desirable to study the voice, as well as the
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soft soap, assaicetida, have each been added to the
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Editorials under the heads of the special departments may generally be accredited as indicated above.
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is recorded. These results correspond very closely with those of Coats
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Nor has the existence of a cortical centre for the elevator of the upper
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As regards the brain, it may be aflSrmed with certainty that a primary
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demonstrated. There was also neuritis in the nerves of the upper and
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double images may be made. The strabismus being divergent the

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