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will undoubtedly be corrected. The left foot and leg

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this is attended by increase of the connective tissue with proliferation of

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points of injection, and sometimes obstinate ulcer-

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to the muscle K.C.C. and A.C.C. are equally easy to obtain ; while in health,

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victis in drawing outward the eye-ball, so that by a

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the supposition that injuries to peripheral nerves can and do set tip a

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involve a portion of the area supplied by the macular fibres ; and, con-

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for this whole class of thromboses. There is no definite and constant

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portal vein was thrombosed, and the cirrhosis was limited to the corre-

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The observation of the consensual pupillary reaction is of much

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more strongly on that account the unfavourable conditions under Avhich

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close to the sternum, which is now generally considered to be due to

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anaemic infarcts in densely consolidated lungs. ^ Even when caused by

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Putting aside these endocardial vegetations, it has been customary

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one of the very best remedies for functional derange-

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trees is of superior quality, well suited for the con-

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can occur. The pulp and nerve become inflamed and reddened, and may

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ters, yet the discoverers might almost be counted on

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and, on boiling, revealed but one-tenth of albumin, which came down

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into a seat. As I first saw her, an hour afterwards,

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occur in labor. It is, therefore, a temporary intra-

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have been found I'uptured. Xow this would lead to a bulging of the

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great increase of tension of both balls — in the left

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The exact numbers are too small to have much importance ; but it is

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sometimes met with in cases of multiple neuritis. The difficult)^ referred

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the axillary glands. The cervical glands are said to be specially liable

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presented by peripheral neuritis ; and are variations in the motor and

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men, 18 years; women, 16 years. Saxony : men, 18 years;

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not exclude spectators on account of their previous

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important part in the causation of several cases. Whatever the primary

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is quite proper; but who is to enforce this — the cap-

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to prevent the speedy blocking of veins and capillaries with red cor-

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anginous cardiac failure, in which calcification of the coronary arteries

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