ing in an abscess, and occurrinir either as an acute or chronic condition,
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76. Rutherford and Batty Tuke. "Miliary Sclerosis," Edin. Med. Journ. Sept.
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there was no return of the femoral pulse on either side.
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positories containing one grain of opium and one-half
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yet it would appear that this inference has not a sufficient basis of facts
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may be given, or perhaps antipyretic or cardiac drugs may be useful in
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to 2 '3 mm. Organic reduction of this calibre is met with in arterio-
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morning, with a view to the excretion of effete materials.
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sequences that they cannot be separated. Indeed, in cases of well-marked
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subsidence of the inflammation ; electrical changes are found in the
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vein, and is one of the most marked indications, if it be not already
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tube, the larger the bulb the safer. I use Dr. Hays"
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reg.ii'ded as secondary to the cord lesion. Hochenegg held that the
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obstruction of the venous system which, in the case of mediastino-
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fifty years and revived the old custom of the license,
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trochlearis nucleus does not give origin to the fibres of the fourth cranial
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acute disseminated or infiltrating cancer in the lungs may closely simulate
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parently continuing to improve. On the afternoon of the
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obliterative endarteritis shown in Fig. 6, found in his case a degeneration
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thing when her wrist or elbow was moved ; but she could distinguish move-
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peritonitis is produced, and this occurred in one of Harris' cases ,• the
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the first part of the aortic arch, leads to disease there. Such disease,
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by fat cells and by bands of fil)rous tissue. The relative amount of fat
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putation when diabetes was present but had not been
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safety-valve action, and is considered of great importance in relieving the
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Apart from the Newcastle experience, I am not aware of more
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may then be converted into anterior positions, with
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