von Manteuft'el, however, finds that thrombosis participates, in an inter-
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even the more important of them ; but I would draw special atten-
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veins may be dilated. LEdema of one or both legs and cutaneous
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The prognosis is generally favourable ; although in many cases days,
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in most cases throughout ; during the paroxysm the pulsation often
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precious time in restoring it to a working condition.
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(iii.) Except in cases of extreme cardiac failure ■«'ith advanced
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this foreign source of irritation had remained in its
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Buzzard in 1885, and subsequently published in book form, gave a great
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third dix-ision only, yet in which taste also was lost (Homberg, Ziehl).
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aqueous solution of the strength of 31 j to ^vi dis-
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is due to inhibition of the pupillary contracting fibres or to stimu-
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erysipelas, which it resembles in many other ways. It has been shown
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subjects who had died in infancy and youth, of women, and of cases in
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one of the evidences of its presence. Bronchitis may be similarly pro-
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was al)sent, makes its appearance ; being, as pointed out by Hanau,
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city. Here is a wasted and almost powerless deltoid,
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of such a red thrombus be exposed to circulating blood, white material,
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that recovery would be impossible ; and permanent loss of function must
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ments on the vagus and sympathetic nerves in the neck of the dog, from
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nucleus and the facial nerve — a relation originally pointed out by Lockhart
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their favorite drug in all stages of syphilis, so, to
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is that of a woman, married ten years, mother of one
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vaginal portion of the cervix, is a misnomer, because
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Metamorphoses of infarcts. — A bland infarct is a foreign body most
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which arise from the branchial cysts, and which are lined l^y epithelium
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contains is marvelous, both in quantity and in accu-
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occurred it is difficult to make out, as the recognition of filarial disease is
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aff"ections, notably of locomotor ataxy or tabes dorsalis ; but this remark

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