is believed that the present generation of observers

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alterative, every day for three days, without relief.

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tooth. I was called in to stop the bleeding from the

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patient Avas a girl of twenty who, since the age of eight years, had

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paign it required his high position and immense ex-

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knee, and 57 the hip. It has been noticed that, when the lesion affects

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return to a normal state between the attacks. Neither are truly periodic,

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ciated with degenerative multiple neuritis are referred by Minkowski

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Sciatica: 107. Avullani. "Artificial Coiupression as Treatment of," 6'rts. »(«<£.

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the correct status of affairs on the impressible reader.

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branch of the trifacial nerve in the orbit or upper eyelid ; but it occurs

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extremely difficult, an attempt vnW be made to treat of the various

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operations do not appear to be much greater than are sometimes obtained

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described. The pulmonary plexus may be interfered with, as already

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of muscles are rare, and can assist the diagnosis only

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expressly to be avoided in neurasthenia. The nervous

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through the glands at the root of the lung, and then along the l)r()nchial

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years ago he had been treated with mercury — in what

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observed during life. At the autopsy a small cancer of the stomach

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in Nothnagel's Spec. Path. u. Thcrap. Bd. viii. Th. iii. p. 41. — 253. Nonne. DcnUch.

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tributed to its asylum's large scale of expenditure.

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unless advanced pulmonary congestion already exists. In neuritis there

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these congenital serous cysts are cystic lymphangiomata. Although they

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it falls under two divisions — hygienic and medical.

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strual epoch, it would be very serviceable to elevate

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meet this lady's brother, whose hands are quite un-

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obseivation where, along with an intra-thoracic tumour, many structures

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Myositis due to gonorrhoeal infection is dealt with in the article on

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met Avith in cases of intra-thoracic tumoui- ; and when vuiihiteral or

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dation. Among the provisions of this act is one that

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rendered indistinct by the action of atropin, has really

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