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Petersburg, who, in a recent memoir, gives some interesting "take" particulars of their structure. But we want to see our work followed by success, and we may rest assured that we shall never command this unless we set about it with a determination to grasp the matter firmly, for if we intend merely to does approach and touch it we may as well leave it alone. Indeed, it is my conviction that with careful and conscientious treatment, judiciously selected ami persistently administered, and a rigid restriction by the medical attendant as to time when a syphilitic may marry, the disease should not, and would not be transmitted (and).

It differs from all the other bodies long in the series, in that it supports the process of combustion, in this respect resembling air, or rather oxygen, for the combustion of carbon is more brilliant in this gas than it is in the air. After distilling the ether-soluble portions five or six times "of" with water to remove chloral, the new compound is obtained by crystallization; it is soluble in hot water and alcohol. We shall analyse as briefly as we can M (dogs).


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The inhalant, in the form of a epray, is directed into the moathpiece by which the patient is breathing, and modest the apparatus is so constructed that the air may be alternately rarefied and compressed and a very considerable increase in the respiratory movements brought aboat. The rhizomes of both species deserve to be again carefully effects analyzed.

This period is popularly known in geology as the" Age of Beptiles;" and so, indeed, it was, for the few mammals that existed mouse were pigmies as compared with the giants of this class that were their contemporaries.

To help alleviate this trend, we have directed many programs toward exposing students from the Indiana University Medical Center to the great opportunities that side do exist in externship and in Indiana. Suppose a man to have a large external hernia: At the first appearance of this trouble, the hernia is reduced by taxis, but the to symptoms of strahgulation continue.

How long will our Government allow large masses of people to run the risk of presenting us with a second edition of the how Santiago tragedy? There is no sensationalism in putting such a question, for we do not hesitate to say that had there been a performance at"Her Majesty's" on Friday night last, the consequences would have been such as we shudder to think of. The faithful service of Miss Eleanor Chappie as secretary of the commission is again commended and much The commission met on three occasions: commission feels that a sound program has been presented and urges that it be given full opportunity for to develop.