Graefe, who narrated his experience of epidemics he had witnessed
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urgent symptoms had disappeared. On 4th of September it is
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infect the guinea-pig; (2) the minimum duration required for the
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seemingly different disorders according to the nature of the soil
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each injection the emulsion was triturated and immediately the quantity correspond-
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to its complement content we are prepared to admit; that it is not
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operation was performed, with the kind assistance of Drs Keiller
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ing the sudden death of the patient. The only way in which to avert
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Quinine Tannate. — In his experience with subacute nephritis after
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sion occurs in one-quarter to one-half of the cases from whom the nodes
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portant bearing on the causation of such diseases. There was no
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2. Cool the filtrate to 50° C. Add 10 per cent of sheet gelatin and stir a few
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means of a gas flame to a temperature of 150°, which may gradually be
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and reduced in case it causes any rise of temperature. At first ten
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in the fact that the trypanosome changes into a true crithidia-like
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species. Cadeac and Mallet found the tubercle bacilli still viru-
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tartar, bicarbonate of potash, colchicum, juniper, squill, broom, and
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Experiment No. 1. — Mr R 's (of Jounpore) antidote, the
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to immunize against diphtheria toxin. Abbot^ concluded that the
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underrated. I am compelled to express my conviction also, that the
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whereas their descriptions show an unusually strong natural
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usually show that the gas-producing bacteria present are not of the
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(headache, sense of confusion, giddiness, often the typical fear of falling
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Dog No. i26.^May 29, 1909: Smeared over nostrils and eyes (strain No. 109).
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ever, occurred six days later and it was then, fearing the outbreak
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Cow 40 — 3,865,000. Within one week of the end of the lactation period. The
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Two adults ticks from this group produced infection in normal
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centre of India to Bombay and the neighbouring coast, whence it
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is protracted, in like manner, for lack of muscular power, and the
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of the menstrual flux, whether that be caused by cold, by some
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If during the process marked dyspnoea and cyanosis appear, the pro-
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weakness, and indicative of extreme danger. Petechiaj gave a
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from two to ten hours. [I have seen an alcoholic who substituted this
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and conducted by the Sisters of Charity and is supported by state
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tions were for the most part intraperitoneal; they were repeated every seven to eight
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Neuenahr). The French authors give arsenic and the alkalies together
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hydrates is too quickly inhibited by the abundant acid ; whereas others

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