secondary buboes are greatly distended, appearing as smooth semi-trans-

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of so-called standard lives will accept any person presenting

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does not shorten, it is certain that the tube is in the larynx. After becoming

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different functional powers. The following citation from Xageli illustrates

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derived. This is more or less uncertain at the best, as it is impossible to

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probably soon lost in dried sputum. The enormous numbers in which it

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nancy has been interrupted there has been considerable danger from uterine

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In 1749, Chomel wrote regarding a gangrenous disease of the throat

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general systemic lesions in diphtheria they are characteristic but not specific.

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examination, prompted by aphonia, disclosed marked congestion of both

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come from the bloodvessels. Nuclear figures are found in those within the

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When one sees a patient in whom the intubation tube has been repeatedly

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is increased and may be double the normal, while the chlorides are decreased.

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1864, has been medical director of the Germania Life In-

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differing in its distribution, is not infrequent. Very rarely a pustular

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vidthout any evidence of invasion. While cholera vibrios and dysentery

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demics one which lasted from 1852 to 1860. It is generally agreed that

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differences, and there is much to support this view. Elmassian, Luzzatto,

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had been less so; but most of them had become gradually

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nearest county lines. As a rule, however, no trouble is ex-

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consequently the excess would appear in the urine — ^would

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of the organisms is unknoTMi; high fever, phagocytosis, distinction in the

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