aneurysm. And this usually comes precisely at the age when the period

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jury of individuals, but it also creates public distrust

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over the temporal and maxillary regions, but may spread forwards up to

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joint : in the popliteal space ; below the head of the fibula ; just behind

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substance they also do in strength, and the process

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the inflammations of the middle ear. Drs. Katyschew

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in the eye-ball, at other times severe pain through

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from the vessel's walls, and from their inclusion of granules and deeply

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pressure during parturition ; more rarely by pelvic tumours or obturator

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The blood of animals narcotized by this substance is

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ciated a law, as being applicable generally to paralytic lesions rising

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that they can find in it no evidence of any exaggera-

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the latter was nearly, if not completely occluded ; and flat nodules of the

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The various organs and tissues diifer so widely as regards their

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by the fingers. At one pole of the thrombus was an irregular, roughened

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the latter may progress to an extreme degree. There are indeed certain

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The subjoined table brings out another important fact in connection

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with one of those trigeminal neuralgias in which there is circumscribed

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designations we translate into Latin by Pansch's sys-

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Syphilitic arteritis folloAved by thrombosis may affect the branches of

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almost all of which are, as regards the permanent and safe occlusion of the

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of these departments our author is, no doubt, capable

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of peptone in the filtrate does not interfere with the

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ary) ; the arteries ; the kidneys ; the liver ; and the elastic tissues of

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incipient gangrene. Pressure on any part in such cases tends to induce

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may become so prominent a feature that its dependence on disease of

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