bodies or with starch-jellies, to retain the" urine with absolute recklessness
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quantity of urine excreted may be from one to two gallons and upward.
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temperature gradually attained, almost invariably indicates the coming
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While the symptoms are those of a mild appendicitis the individual
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the variety of rales, and the slight constitutional disturbance. The dis-
specific remedies have, however, been recommended, especially croton
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is almost characteristic. Transient loss of consciousness and epileptic
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tity of pigment in the vicinity, often occur upon the neck and elsewhere
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have been poisoned, so that albuminuria is only a presumptive and not
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return after being withdrawn, the worse the prognosis. On the other
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ETIOLOGY. Dilatation of the stomach occurs at all ages, more com-
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far the condition is dependent upon original constitutional feebleness.
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mediate tendency to become general. Such local causes are traumatic or
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The diphtheria bacillus is usually stained by Loeffler's solution of
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cally or in combination with other diaphoretics. (See formula 7.)
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of the colon and rectum is swollen and injected, whilst punctate hemor-
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necessary, and usually very difficult of enforcement outside of an asylum.
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dose three to six grains ; also ferri et ammonii tartras, iron and ammonium
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likely to remain continuous throughout the disease. This continued
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simple only, would have healed in a few days or weeks, may be so
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ter, as far as could be ascertained, in a direct line, and not in the
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cough, rapid breathing, and pleuritic pain. The cough is frequently
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be intermittent, pulse, and sometimes with cardiac distress, although the
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dence of enlargement of the liver and spleen from amyloid disease of these
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fort in the epigastrium or as an intense spasmodic pain continued along
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limited, there is without doubt dislocation ; while W these remain in-
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sumption of a hsematogenous jaundice in which the pigment is supposed
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ETIOLOGY. Although a bacterial invasion is the probable cause of
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endocarditis or in a septic thrombophlebitis, especially when evidences of
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of the cases cannot be relieved except by a surgical operation, the effects
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by importation of the germ. Owing to the robustness of the bacillus and
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replaced by an apoplectiform attack. The mental condition of the patient
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be adherent to the surrounding parts, or be embedded in dense fibrous
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culosis in the rabbit. It is furthermore maintained that the scrofulous
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sions, inequality of the pupils, and even partial hemiplegia, so as closely
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Heai Considered as a Mode of Motion. By John Tyndall, P. R. S. etc. New York. 1866.
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type to which the attack conforms. In the quotidian the paroxysm recurs
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tongue, the back of the tongue, and the palate, should be separately
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practitioners, who ought to have been put upon their guard by the shift-
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it is essential that the bodily health be maintained and that all excesses
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lute carefulness as to detail of administration, faith-cures, pilgrimages,
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part bedridden for the last ten or twelve years, apparently from the
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without expression, paying no attention to the brightest lights, and
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action of putrefactive bacteria upon the tissues whose nutrition has been

Rumalaya Tablet Uses In Hindi