to betray an inflammatory or ulcerative lesion.^ There is no real difficulty
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ligence from childhood, who at eighteen began to sufi'er from tremors
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and partly the middle coat, from which the blood makes its Avay through
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of the manipulations. The result was that in all these three cases,
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a position that its pressure is in the first instance backwards or down-
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for the relief of the paralysed side of the face. On the Avhole such cases
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cases of chlorosis. The most remarkable example of th's is Huels'
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tracings from the two radials may be almost identical.
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either affecting a whole toe or a great part of the foot, (iii.) As to
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able that in healthy subjects, under certain circumstances, a minor
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pheral diplegia facialis (Wright) ; as also the application of the forceps
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I. If the urine be habitually clear, acid, and free
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the formation of pulp-stones, frequently leaves some living pulp, and is a
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were recorded in the earlier years of this century,
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plexuses, where wide channels are intercalated between smaller ones, in
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tremities, as compared Avith the ui)per, are affected in at least 75 per cent,
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important factors in arriving at a positive diagnosis. Secondary nodules
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shown that after ablation or destruction of the occipital lobe degeneration
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Myotonia Congenita (Thomsen's Disease). Dr. Hale "White . . 467
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finger, the interossei, the inner two lumbricales, and the adductors of
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For this reason the most likely ])lace for a ])rimary carcinoma to develop
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ness and tingling and aching and shooting pains are early symptoms ;
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